Short Films on awareness of Environment & Sustainable Development

Feel disturbed by the pathetic situation of Environment? Want to make a short video for awareness about environment, biodiversity, sustainable development but don’t know how to proceed. write to us about your strong feelings about any of the above issues and we will help you make the film.

Baubul_films makes & shows short films for awareness of environment biodiversity

Plan B / 1 min / English Carry Bag / 25 sec / no dialogue
Global warming – SOS past wisdom present folly
Pad Yatra A Green Odyssey / 2 min
Save Deccan Rocks / 56 sec / no dialogue
World is your home, take care of it.
How UNEP promotes sustainable Development 3 min 10 secs
No Place Like Home – Rising Waters/ 1 min / Englsih
South African rhinos under threat 2013 News / 3 Min 30 Sec / English
South Africa: Rhinos Under Threat / 2 Min 28 sec /English