Short Film Contest:


As part of Babul film festival 7th BEFF 2023, we are conducting Short Film Contest on the topic of Environment (or) Solutions To Plastic Pollution           [ < 5 Mins ].


Submission for 7th BEFF Short Film Contest is open. Last date for submission is 15th May 2023.

Short films below 5 mins on the topic of ENVIRONMENT (or) SOLUTIONS TO PLASTIC POLLUTION in all genres are welcome. Films should cover one or more aspects of Environment (or) Solutions To Plastic Pollution –

The global outbreak of coronavirus is impacting us all and also ENVIRONMENT, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development. Your short film can be about any of the following issues and other related topics.

    • Positive / negative environmental impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Changes in Air Quality in different cities across the world
    • GHGs emission increase / decrease
    • Pollution – Land, Water, Noise Light etc.,
    • Tourism and Travel
    • Restoration / Degeneration of ecological system.
  • Medical and Bio-Medical waste, use and disposal of disinfectants, mask, PPE kits, gloves.
  • Global Environmental Sustainability and pandemic
  • Public Health systems handling health crisis
  • Lockdown and migrant workers and other vulnerable communities
  • Climate Change and Pandemic
  • Media and Covid-19
  • Actions to prevent future outbreaks
  • Organisations involved in Coronavirus related work

This is only indication non-inclusive list. Any topic as long as it covers Environment & Pandemic is OK. All genres are welcome.

Total prize money of Rs.50,000/- will be awarded ( Indian entries).

This includes: USD 350 for Animation short films [open for all countries] and ₹25,000/- for other short films [Indian Entries]

Click for pdf of RULES- BEFF 2023 Rules




  • Films should cover ENVIRONMENT (or) SOLUTIONS TO PLASTIC POLLUTION topic. All genres, including documentaries, narratives, shorts, children’s films, and experimental films, PSAs Etc., are all welcome and will be given equal consideration. The quality of the film production will also be considered and weighed. Animation includes: traditional animation, 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, and stop motion.
  • Film run-time: below 5 minutes [including credits]
  • Format: MP4 / AVI / MOV
  • Films shot on mobile are also accepted
  • Non-English films should have English Subtitles
  • Win Laurels and Cash Prizes worth INR. 50,000/- (Indian Entries)
  • Last date for submission: 15th May 2023

Entry fee once paid is not refundable

The jury for pre and final selection of short film competition of 7th BEFF 2023 consist of personalities from the world of Environment, Media, Movies, and audio-visual, as well as Entrepreneurs or Artists engaged in and/or sensitive to environmental issues. Decision of the organizers regarding film selection is final.

By submitting their films, the filmmakers agree that BEFF can screen the films at different venues as part of the travelling BEFF festival.