Tanikella Bharani – Honorary Advisor: Tanikella Bharani is a multi-talented Indian film personality known for his contributions to Telugu cinema as an actor, director, producer and writer.
He is passionate about Nature and encourages Babul ngo.

Bharani began his career as a writer and gradually ventured into acting also. Till now he has acted in over 700 films in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and other languages. He is known for his versatile acting skills and has portrayed a wide range of characters from villainous roles to comedic ones.

Bharani has also directed several critically acclaimed Telugu films, including “Mithunam” and “Srimathi Oka Bahumathi”. Bharani’s contributions to the film industry have been recognized with several awards, including the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu for “Mithunam”. He has also received the Nandi Award for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. He produced and directed many short films, some of which got International Awards.

Bharani is also a noted poet and has published several collections of poetry. He is a versatile artist who has made significant contributions to Telugu cinema, literature, and environmental awareness. Mr. Bharani was the Chief Guest of the 5th BEFF Babul Eco Film Festival 2021 and we have the privilege of having screened his short films.

Gangadhar Panday – Founder President: Actor in films and television, Short Film Director. Masters in English, PG Diploma in Environment & Sustainable Development. Based at Hyderabad, AP. Voluntarily retired from the Government of India. Regional Secretary [SR] of Federation of Film Societies of India-FFSI. Believes in ICT for development and Social Media for Advocacy. Looks after the creative aspects.

 Sreenivasa Reddy K: A graduate and Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Banking. Has vast managerial experience in Indian and International Banks. Based out of Hyderabad, AP, India.

Renu Panday: Masters in Sociology. Takes care of the administration of the organization. Lives in Hyderabad.

Trishna Jaiswal: Web-Based Training technology expert & Biodiversity Student. Lives in Faridabad, Delhi. Guides on matters related to wildlife conservation and filming.

Laxman Rao I: A Commerce Graduate. Sr. Production Executive in the AP Telugu Film industry, Hyderabad. Contributes to the logistics of shooting and post-production.

Bh. S.S. Prakash Reddy: Graduate & PG Diploma in Personnel Management. Secretary of Hyderabad Film Club since 1983. Director of Hyderabad International Film Festival and National & International film festival jury. AP Govt Nandi Awardee. Lives in Hyderabad. Guides on matters related to film festivals.

Mamta Bajpai: Beautician and Active Social Worker. Member, Child Welfare Committee, Hoshangabad, MP. Lives in Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh.

Ramamoorthy Mani: Ex-employee of Reserve Bank of India and IDRBT. Headed the National Electronic Funds Transfer System for 6 years. Currently working as a Consultant. General Secretary of the Federation of Film Societies of India FFSI. Lives in Bengaluru, Karnataka.