Gangadhar Panday: Actor in films and televison, Short Film Director. Masters in English, PG Diploma in Environment & Sustainable Development. Based at Hyderabad, AP. Voluntarily retired from Government of India. Regional Secretary [SR] of Federation of Film Societies of India-FFSI. Believes in ICT for development and Social Media for Advocacy. Looks after the creative aspects.

 Sreenivasa Reddy K: A graduate and Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Banking. Has vast managerial experience in Indian and International Banks. Based out of Hyderabad, AP, India.

Renu Panday: Masters in Sociology. Takes care of the administration of the organization. Lives in Hyderabad.

Trishna Jaiswal: Web Based Training echnology exprt & Biodiversity student. Lives in Faridabad, Delhi. Guides on matters related to wildlife conservation and filming.

Laxman Rao I: A Commerce Graduate. Sr. Production Executive in the AP Telugu Film industry, Hyderabad. Contributes in the logistics of shooting and post production.

Bh. S.S.Prakash Reddy: Graduate & PG Diploma in Personnel Management. Secretary of Hyderabad Film Club since 1983. Director of Hyderabad International Film Festival and National & International film festival jury. AP Govt Nandi Awardee. Lives in Hyderabad. Guides on matters related to film festivals.

Mamta Bajpai: Beautician and Active Social worker. Member, Child Welfare Committee, Hoshangabad, MP. Lives in Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh.

Ramamoorthy Mani: Ex-employee of Reserve Bank of India and IDRBT. Headed the National Electronic Funds Transfer System for 6 years. Currently working as a Consultant. General Secretary of Federation of Film Societies of India FFSI. Lives in Bengaluru, Karnataka.