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BEFF – 8th Babul Eco Film Fest is an annual International Environment Film Festival that happens in June at Hyderabad followed by travel editions elsewhere. BEFF #babulecofilfestival has following components

[1] Short Film Contest of less than 5 min duration. The Topic can be any issue related to Environment. Win Prizes worth Rs.50,000/-

This includes: USD 350 for Animation short films [open for all countries] and ₹25,000/- for other short films [Indian Entries].

[2] Eco Film Screenings Non-competitive screening section that showcases critically acclaimed global eco films.

[3] World Environment Day 2024 theme: Non-competitive screening section that showcases films made on topic: Land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience.

[4] Ecosystem Restoration: United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021 to 2030.

Time left to submit Your Film

07Days 01Hours 00Minutes 19Seconds

Grab your chance to sponsor / donate. The best way to precisely reach the target audience of Nature Lovers to promote your eco-friendly business or cause.

Funding Opportunities in BEFF Babul Eco Film Festivals

We request you to support so that we can take the message of Nature to more and more people via the powerful medium called Cinema. For details contact +91 961-808-2288

All donations are eligible for Income Tax exemption u/s 80G.

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Note: While we make all efforts to hold a live physical event, however, due to prevailing situation the festival holds the right to postpone/defer or convert to online virtual festival.