Why EcoDic?

  1. People are not using hard-copy dictionaries but looking for information online.
  2. Being the youngest science, ‘Environment’ has many less known and unknown words.
  3. Most of these are compound words [eg. Climate Change] that are not available in regular dictionaries as single entries.
  4. Traditional dictionaries does not give meaning for these compound words.
  5. Most of the words sound familiar but assume a different meaning in the context of Environment.
    Eg., Urban Heat Island.
  6. Environment has many ‘concepts’ which are better explained by Audio Visual medium rather than mere text.
  7. In view of this there is an urgent need for a video format dictionary for ENVIRONMENT, made accessible to all.
  8. This reduces Environmental ignorance and pushes people to ACT towards Nature protection by spreading much needed awareness.
  9. Babul’s online EcoDictonary is paperless and helps protect environment
  10. It is always with you whenever you go. No need to carry a book.

What you can do?

  1. Sponsor EcoWord and see your name and picture in the credits of the video hosted in YouTube.
    Every time somebody searches for the Ecoword you will appear. You can also choose to be anonymus.
  2. Donate for Babul’s online EcoDictionary
  3. You can also start a campaign in Letzchange crowd funding platform.
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