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The BioDiEt database.

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Etymology means the origin of a particular word. The name’s of places have an interesting history to them. Some places are named after species like Plants/Trees/Flowers/Fruits/Birds/Animals/Reptiles/Insects/Pre-historic/Marine life/Other life forms etc.,


Babul Films has initiated BioDiEt project which is a database of such names. The aim of BioDiEt is to ensure wider participation by general public and to create awareness about biodiversity. We are awfully falling short of AICHI Biodiversity target No. 1 [see below for link]. IUCN lists species with classifiction endangered, endemic, vulnerable, critically endangered. Redlist Amazing Species.

It’s very simple:

All you have to do is to send the name of a place! Yes. It is so simple. Exciting prize awaits the best entries. While new entry submissions are encouraged you can also add additional detail to an existing entry. Give as much information as you can like photographs, anecdotes, oral history, video clip, interviews, valid references etc., You may also start a debate about an entry!

Some Examples: Singapore, Vadodara, Buffalo, Pheonix, Chilukaluripet [Andhra Pradesh], Maredpalli [Hydedrabad], Nagpur


Let us all fulfill the Aichi Biodiversity Target 1, Biodiversity Awareness.

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1. Country

2. state

3. district  / county

4. Place name

5. Street / locality / town / city / metro

6. Language [of the words in the name]

7. Animal  /  Bird  /  Tree / Plant /  Marine / Reptile / Other Life forms etc.,

8. Description [ how the place got it’s name, history etc.,]

9. Scientific Name

10. References / articles in newspaper / wiki etc.

11. Location details of the place like GPS coordinates, STD/ISD code; PIN/ZIP

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Is your native place name linked to Biodiversity?
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We need your support:- We are looking for volunteers for this project. Initiated for India and extended globally, BioDiEt needs online/offline support to help us in technical and other matters. If you are an expert in online content/database management and can spare a few minutes per week, please get in touch. Lovers of Biodiversity and Environment who want to help us in this project in any way, please get in touch. We are also looking for people to update database with scientific names.